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Compare our deep plug to the industry standard. The advantages are clear.

Compare our deep plug to the industry standard. The advantages are clear.

About New Moon Nursery - Wholesale Only

Wholesale to the Trade

We are Wholesale only.  We grow in a 50-celled "Deep Plug" tray. The plug size is approximately 2 inches in diameter and 4.5 inches in depth, holding twice the soil volume and root mass of a standard 50-cell tray. The "Deep Plug" also incorporates the use of root channels to decrease root spiraling. In easy order multiples, our "Deep Plug" offers more roots for the money. More roots means quicker establishment when planted directly in the landscape with less post installation maintenance. The "Deep Plug" when potted into larger containers can improve "turn around" by as much as two weeks. When you compare our "Deep Plug" to the industry standard, we are sure you'll see the advantages.

Many items are often available in a "Deep Plug", DP72 liner. The 72-cell plug size is approximately 1.5 inches in diameter and 3 inches in depth, a more economical alternative to the 50-cell plug, while retaining a larger root system for the fastest results. Below are plants we are currently offering in DP72.

New Moon Nursery provides our wholesale customers...

Our focus on Eastern native plants allows us to dedicate time, energy, resources and knowledge to growing specific plant lines for our customers. New Moon Nursery is your primary provider of herbaceous perennials, grasses, vines and ferns.

Over 25 years of experience translates into superior plants and better prepares us to respond to custom requests specific to your region and project requirements.

Our focus and knowledge allows us to increase our plant offerings. Enrich your world with more Eastern native species, for a wide range of site conditions and ecosystems.

...making New Moon Nursery one of the most qualified growers of superior plants on the East Coast.

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